Media Role in Pakistan

Before nineties, the media in Pakistan was under control of the government. Pakistan is a country where military intervention has been regular phenomenon and it has been causing the huge damage to its progressive evolution. Because of the dominant military rule, the media in Pakistan has been under strict control and could not evolve progressively. But the positive thing has been in Pakistan was its peoples desire to have democracy and all its components like freedom of press in Pakistan and Pakistani people struggled for it heroically and sacrificed a lot to achieve the freedom of democracy.

Now media in Pakistan has its freedom and now Pakistani media is very vibrant. The TV channels are now not under control of state. Since the last decade, more than 100 private TV channels have emerged which are totally independent and playing very important role for bringing positive changes in society. The GEO, EXPRESS, SAMAA, ARY, DUNYA, and many more private channels are causing lot of positive trends in Pakistan. Now the people are more politically aware and democratic.

With the launch and emergence of lot of private channels in Pakistan, the business of advertisement in Pakistan has really taken off. Now there is more place of advertisement is available and all companies have launched media campaigns on TV channels. This trend has really supported the private TV channels to survive and business of advertising is growing amazingly in Pakistan. Pakistan is a big country and full of business potential. This is the major reason that now most of the international companies are launching their products in Pakistan and for they need advertisement. So these TV channels are the best place for them to launch their media campaigns. So the KFC, McDonalds, Nestle and many other companies are enjoying amazing success in Pakistan. I think the future of Pakistan in terms of business and advertisement hub is extremely bright.

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