Like the media of the world. The media in Pakistan serves three fold objectives very efficiently which are awareness, entertainment and advertisement. Since the last decade the media in Pakistan has become very vibrant because of the privatization of TV channels, independent press and uncontrolled internet access to general people. Pakistan is a big country of more than 150 million people. So it offers a huge market to multinationals and local companies to sell their products. These facts are very provocative for the international companies to sell their products and services in Pakistan. The multinationals companies like coca cola, KFC, MacDonald, Nestle and many more are already doing business in Pakistan.

The advertisement and marketing potential through media in Pakistan is huge. The television is watched in every house, office and even on shops. The print media is also read immensely everywhere in Pakistan. So Pakistan, though not a developed country but has the basic infrastructure for marketing and advertisement. There are more than 100 Television channels are operative in Pakistan and the only source of their income is the advertisement and marketing. It shows the vibrancy of the media in Pakistan.

The most effective way of advertisement in Pakistan is electronic media because electronic media is watched and the response of the advertisement on electronic media is great. So because of the great demand of advertisement on electronic media, the advertisement is quite expensive on electronic media. After electronic media, the print media comes and advertisement on print media brings huge response from potential clients. Outdoor media and online media are also very vibrant and catch many advertisements campaigns.

Online media is one the best accessible places of advertisement and it is available in Pakistan. Pakistani companies are offering services to launch their products on online media. The advantage of outsourcing advertising or marketing job to Pakistan is that it very cost friendly. This is the reason that western companies find it very attractive to outsource their online marketing projects to the companies of Pakistan. People of the Pakistan have got the skills as well as experience to do your online advertisement projects. So as far advertisement and marketing are concerned, Pakistan is one of the best options available in international market.

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